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"The beauty  is the art, not the awards" - Rhee Gold 
Combination Class (ages 4+)

The combination class is the foundation of our dance program.  All levels within this program participate in a one hour, once a week, combination class.  This foundation allows dancers to have a strong technical foundation, to be well versed in all dance forms and effectively move between styles.


For our younger students, the class is a combination of ballet and tap, with an introduction to jazz/hip hop dance.  Dances, music and costumes are age appropriate and wholesome.  Students will perform in the winter showcase (not costumed) and the spring recital (costumed).  Parents are strongly encouraged to watch class each week to be part of the dance education process.

Our older students explore additional dance forms in the combination class and perform two dances in the spring recital.

See the New Student Registration Tab for scheduled class times that run during the school year

Creative Movement Class

Our 3 & 4-year old Creative Movement class focuses on creative and fun dance movement. What young child doesn't love music and movement!  In this 45 minute class, preschoolers move to music while working on gross motor skills, flexibility and learning basic dance moves.  All this with fun and interactive songs encouraging creativity and imagination.   Two 8 week sessions are offered (Oct - Nov and Feb-March).

Focus Classes

Our experienced dancers 9 years and older may choose to take classes focused on a specific genre, in addition to the combination class.  These classes allow for a more in depth study and meet once a week for an hour.  Each class performs in the spring recital:


A technique class focused on proper ballet alignment and movement.  Includes pointe work for those age 12 and up who qualify.


In addition to the current dance and music, Jazz classes explore the techniques and styles instituted by jazz greats such as Luigi, Fosse and Giordano.

Hip Hop

A street style of dance performed with a mix of hard hitting, syncopated moves and smooth gliding actions.

Taken as a 3rd class.


An expressive dance form based on modern dance movements and is a mix of ballet, lyrical and jazz.

14 and older, taken as a 3rd class.

Adaptive Dance

Our wonderful classes for children with disabilities.  These classes are run by Capernaum and tuition is set by them.

Tuition, Fees & Supplies
Combination class (age 4 - 6)        $50/month
Combination class (age 6+)            $55/month
Creative Movement                           $50/month

Focus classes -
Additional discounts, discuss with owner

The 7 Movements Dance program runs from September thru May.  Tuition is spread evenly across 9 monthly payments, regardless of the number of lessons in the month.  The first tuition payment is due with the $25 registration prior to the first lesson.  Remaining tuition payments are due by the 7th of the remaining months.  Payments will be collected via check, cash or credit card.  If a dancer is the 2nd family member to enroll, they will receive 5% off tuition.

Attire:  Students wear solid color leotard and tights to class.  Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes are also required.  We facilitate a shoe exchange to purchase gently used shoes.

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