Safety Measures

Wellness Check

Self assessment for all teachers and students. If our teachers are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other illness, we will not enter the studio space. We ask that all students and parents do the same. 


Social distancing will be maintained throughout the studio. Students and teachers will stay 6 feet apart at the barre, on the dance floor, and throughout the studio space.   Seating in the lobby is also distanced.

Face Masks

We will be following the current guidelines per State of MN mandates. If the state requires, please enter the front door wearing your mask covering your mouth and nose.  If not mandated by the State of MN, masks are optional.  


Hand sanitizer will be offered to all students at the beginning/end of classes and will be readily available for use. 

High touch areas like barres, doors, any props, and mats will be cleaned between each class. 

Enter / Exit

"Traffic" flow in and out of classes will be slightly altered to avoid cross over of classes.

Small Classes

As always, class sizes are small to allow for individual attention, increased participation & better communication.  This also minimizes exposure and facilitates distancing.

Air Flow

Sufficient air flow will be maintained using our HVAC system and ceiling fans.