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We can't wait to have you dance with us

We are offering multiple class options for new students, basis age. 

Visit the programs tab for more details and to learn about our non-competitive program.

Combination Class (age 4 & up):

All levels within our program participate in this once a week class; building skills in ballet, tap and jazz/hip hop.  This foundation allows dancers to have a strong technical foundation, to be well versed in all dance forms and effectively move between styles.  The following classes are offered for beginners:

     Age 4           Saturday 10:00

     Ages 5-6     Tuesday 5:45

                      or Saturday 10:45

     Ages 7-9     Monday 5:30

                      or Saturday 11:30

      Ages 10+   Thursday 7:30

Creative Movement (Age 3):  Weds. 5:45 or Sat. 9:15

Class focuses on movement and fun dance activities.  Preschoolers move to music while working on gross motor skills, flexibility and learning basic dance moves.

Are you an experienced dancer looking for a change?  We would love for you to join us.  Contact us to assess placement in existing classes.

Registration is open
for 22-23 Dance Year!

Open House Dates

Stop in and visit our studio and purchase your dance supplies.  The following dates, 6-7:30  


August 16

August 24

August 30

About Us

We focus on dance education and fostering a love of dance for beginner to advanced, in a non-competitive environment.


Our programs include classes for dancers ages 3+.  More experienced dancers can additionally focus on varying  genres.

Meet our staff

Owned by Teresa Binish, 

7 Movements Dance staff includes highly experienced teachers with a passion for dance.

The 7 Movements of Dance:
Plier:  to bend
Sauter:  to jump
Relever:  to rise
Elancer:  to dart
Etendre:  to stretch
Glisser:  to glide
Tourner:  to turn